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Best Penis Extenders of 2020

best penis extenders

Do Penis Extenders Work?

The findings of study carried out in 2002 have indicated that the long-continuing everyday stretching by means of a penis extender gave the male study participants an opportunity to make the penis considerably longer.

The duration of this clinical trial was 4 months. The male study participants underwent the manhood extension within 6 hours every day.

The men who were engaged in the clinical trial managed to lengthen the penis from 1.8 cm to 3.1 cm.

One more study that took place in 2011 has demonstrated that the 3-month penis stretching period provided that the penis was exposed to the extension for 9 hours daily enabled the male study subjects to get a one-inch longer manhood.

In addition, there was a study given to the world in 2013 that found out the ability of penis extenders to reveal their potential to the greatest extent when used not only for the penis enlargement but also for the improvement of Peyronie’s disease manifestations.

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Quick Extender Pro

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Penis Extender With Dual Strap Support


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The Most Powerful Penis Extender


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Male Edge

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Complete Penis Enlargement Solution


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Clinically Proven Penis Extender


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Phallosan Forte

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Penis Extender With a Unique Design


#1: Quick Extender Pro

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The Quick Extender Pro resembles to some extent the other penis extenders present on the market nowadays. But this device yet has one exquisite feature.

The matter is that this stretcher is equipped with a fully one-of-a-kind strap system.
The penis extender kit contains the cutting-edge double silicone comfort type system.

This system is utilized to substitute a single strap technology that has already outlived its usefulness.

The new system is truly unmatched because it includes the renowned 2nd generation DSS (Dual Strap System).

It brings a multitude of advantages, which can definitely make each man interested in.

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#2 SizeGenetics

does penis stretching work

SizeGenetics is the branded top-notch device for highly effective trouble-free penis extension.

This safe penis stretching system will enable you to achieve a desired penile length increase in a safe way.

SizeGenetics is one of the clinically proven methods of non-surgical penis enlargement.

It is medically backed device that can help you in:

  • Increasing your penis length
  • Increasing the penis girth
  • Reducing penis curvature

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#3 Male Edge

penis extenders and stretching devices

Male Edge is backed with the patented technology which was launched to the market in 2008.

The penis stretcher is manufactured by the Danish company that makes its devices in accordance with the relevant quality standards.

The users make a point that the extender is effective, robust, and harmless.

According to the manufacturer, it utilizes the premium quality medical grade materials for making its extender. Male Edge is claimed to be an allergy-free device.

The stretching sessions should last from 1 hour to 6 hours on a daily basis. At the very beginning, it’s necessary to wear the extender for 1 hour.

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#4 ProExtender

best penis stretcher

ProExtender is an internationally famous penis extender that fairly takes the leading positions among the most advanced penis size increasing devices currently launched on sale.

There is scientific evidence that this penis stretcher is absolutely harmless and is able to provide considerable results within only 6 months of the regular application.

This male device offers the following upsides:

  • Pain-free non-surgical method of utilization
  • 100% efficacy rate
  • Sophisticated comfort system
  • Scientifically confirmed harmlessness
  • Impressive penis growth in both thickness and length
  • Elimination of bedroom underperformance problem
  • Powerful and safe boost to masculinity
  • Restoration of own self-confidence

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#5 Phallosan Forte

best penis extension

Phallosan Forte penis extender is a device that features a high level of comfortability because it is constructed from the top-notch and durable materials with the long-lasting performance.

The exclusive design of this manhood stretcher allows the men to undergo the extension for a prolonged period of time and therefore combine stretching with the normal daily routine.
This manhood device doesn’t have any serious downsides.

It’s worth noting that the first time users may face some issues such as skin irritation, mild pain, and insufficient discomfort because of the lack of practice in the stretcher application.

However, these effects usually may afflict only the men with skin hypersensitivity.

By purchasing this highly innovative penis stretcher, you can count on certain extra bonuses.

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What Are Penis Extenders?

Penis extenders are specific medically-approved devices which apply the mechanical traction force in order to increase the penis size. These penis devices offer a noninvasive way to make the penis measurements larger including both length and circumference. Penis extension enables the men to implement their desire to become the owners of longer and thicker penises without putting own health into jeopardy.

These manhood devices are bases on cytokinesis which implies a cell division. This is what actually happens in the penis. And during this process the manhood tissues grow and hence the organ becomes bigger in an absolutely natural way.


Are There Any Side Effects of Penis Extenders?

The penis extenders from the reliable manufacturers are positioned as the devices which don’t provoke the occurrence of any side effects and complications. You have to be very careful and never use the devices from the unknown manufacturers since such stretchers can even substantially damage the penis tissues.

The contraindications to the use of penis extenders is the availability of skin problems on the penis shaft including rashes, infections, bruises, irritation, and wounds.

What the Studies Tell About Penis Extnders

The results of many studies have already indicated that the penis extenders really provide positive stretching gains. Thus, there is scientific proof that the daily application of a manhood stretcher for half a year can elongate the flaccid penis by approximately 32% and give a boost to the erection strength and fullness by approximately 36%.

That’s why the medical experts recommend the manhood stretchers as a safe replacement option for the surgical penis enlargement procedures. The efficacy of this noninvasive method helps the men get the penis measurements which can improve sex life and restore sexual self-esteem.


Advantages of Penis Extenders

The latest generations of penis extenders from the well-established manufacturers offer their users a multitude of advantages, which actually make the men to purchase such devices. These advantages are as follows:

  • Penis Size Increase: The key advantage of any manhood stretcher is the penis enlargement. This is actually what these devices were invented for. The pulling force which the penis is subject to is what make the manhood grow in both length and circumference. The stretching method of penis enlargement is a scientifically proven technique that provides real results. Averagely, the manhood can elongate by 1.6 inches and thicken by 0.4 inches. But the gains may substantially vary individually.
  • Peyronie’s Disease Treatment: The most advanced penis extenders are also designed in a way that gives the men an opportunity to address the issue of penis curvature. These devices can successfully cope with the curvatures of ranging severity. The sustainable application of a manhood stretcher can significantly improve the penis curvature. And the man will get not only a larger penis but also a much straighter one.
  • Improvement of Sexual Potency: The use of high-quality penis extenders is what will help you bring the sex activity enjoyment to a much higher level. Stretching may give a boost to the man’s sexuality. In particular, you can feel a substantial increase in sex drive and virile strength. Also, the regular application of an extender in the intimate body area also raises the man’s interest in sex.
  • Premature Ejaculation Regulation: The men typically don’t expect any changes in their ejaculations when they start applying the penis extenders. When stretching your manhood, you may notice that your delicate organ becomes more sensitive. You will get a chance to study your penis sensitivity. You will be able to delay your climax and ejaculate when you and your sex partner want. When you regain control over your ejaculation, you will improve the quality of your sex life.
  • Enhancement of Self-Confidence: The men who use the penis stretchers typically suffer from low self-esteem and have problems with the adequate perception of their intimate body parts. But stretching enables the men to become the owners of bigger penises. The application of an extender makes the manhood measurements increase. And due to this, many users of such extenders feel themselves more charismatic and sexually appealing. Their sexual self-confidence restores.

Disadvantages of Penis Extenders

The modern penis extenders from the best manufacturers are usually free of any disadvantages because such devices are harmless and effective. They are made of sophisticated materials of superior quality. These materials don’t cause any allergies. That’s why it’s very difficult to find any drawbacks in the design, safety, and performance of the manhood stretchers.

But still it’s possible to distinguish one relative disadvantage of penis stretchers. Thus, it’s quite a long period of time needed for the regular use of the device before a user may experience truly satisfactory stretching gains. Not each man wishes to deliberately undergo the stretching sessions for several months in order to get a thicker and longer penis. But of course this disadvantage can’t be considered a serious one.

how to use penis extender

How to Wear Penis Extenders

To get most of your penis extender, you should learn how to wear it correctly. Thus, you have to:

  • Ensure the penis dryness and wait till the penis becomes semi-erect, namely at least 50% erect
  • Carefully place the penis into the devices, making sure that the penis is reliably adjusted with the extender’s rings at both the base and head of the penis
  • Safely fix the manhood head with the help of a soft comfort pad, which is typically included to the kits of all most advanced penis extenders, and then delicately adjust the loop
  • Choose the most suitable traction force and then control it by just regulating the bars, going along the whole manhood shaft
  • Ensure the placement of device at the end part of penis and then fit the brace to start the manhood extension

Frequency of Penis Extender Use

The penis extenders work in a way that implies a necessity to exert the penis to steady stretching for no less than 5 hours per day.
According to the experts, the experienced users of manhood stretchers are recommended to increase the extension time even to 8 hours per day. This recommendation may be difficult to follow for the men who are short of time. Under such circumstances, the men can use the penis extenders as long as they can afford. But they have to be ready that the overall stretching period will be prolonged.
It’s necessary to stretch the manhood 5-6 days per week, while 1-2 days should be free of extension.
male extender

Tips to Remember When Applying Extender

Thought-Out Stretching Sessions

If you really want to succeed in penis enlargement, you have to develop a reasonable penis stretching routine and adhere to it. But it will be even better if you use the easy-to-follow routine provided by the manufacturer of the penis stretcher you choose.

It’s a mistake to believe that it’s enough to exceed the daily duration of the device use in order to better elongate penis. But instead of desirable result, you take a risk of pain and injury.

If you are a beginner, the duration of stretching shouldn’t exceed 4 hours. When you become the experienced user, the enlargement sessions can last 6 hours. There should be a few sessions per day, with 1-2 hour break between them.

Penis stretching should never be accompanied with pain. In this case, pain gives a signal that something went wrong when using the extender. If this happens, you should instantly remove the stretcher. Don’t have enlargement sessions several days after this.


Uncircumcised Penis

Though it firstly seems easy, you may get confused with the question of how to place your penis into extender if the penis is not circumcised. It’s actually possible to either gently pull the foreskin back or drag it forward. You can choose the option most comfortable for you. The latest stretchers with the most innovative design guarantee perfect grip and tension to all men with uncircumcised penis.

Flaccid Penis

You have to make sure that during the lengthening session your penis is fully flaccid. If you place the erect penis into the extender, the penis will slide out as soon as it becomes non-erect. Also, it’s impossible to increase the penis length and thickness when the penis is erect. So, in this case, the use of device is helpless.

Shave Your Pubes

To prevent any pain during the enlargement sessions, it’s better to shave pubic hair before you start applying the device. If you don’t want to do this, be ready that the pubic hair may get caught in particular parts of the device.

Adequate Traction Force

If you set traction force too high, it doesn’t mean that your penis will faster become longer and thicker. Inadequate traction force is a cause of many injuries and pain.

It’s very important to get the right amount of traction force, especially for the beginners. If you belong to them, keep force low firstly. The gradual increase in traction tension is required. Adjust it until you set the maximum force.

High Devotion

Any extender will not elongate your penis immediately. Don’t even expect this because the methods for instant penis enlargement don’t exist. Only the regular device use is a proven way to get the penis size you wish.

Patience and dedication to your goals will help you enjoy the results you are striving for in the long-term. Several months of regular stretching sessions which should effortlessly fit into your daily schedule will please you with amazing gains.


Relevant Information

If you are going to enlarge penis with a certain stretcher, it’s crucial to find as comprehensive information on how to use the device as possible.

For this purpose, it’s necessary to read the official user manual on the manufacturer’s website. The fullest information on the particular extender which you can distill from text or video user instruction will enables you to increase the penis size safely and effectively.


Take a Break

It’s recommended to have a rest from enlargement sessions once a week. This period is essential for the prevention of penis tissue damage. And if you yet have some penile injury, you will need even several days for healing.

Types of Penis Extenders

It’s possible to distinguish two major types of penis extenders which have own significant peculiarities and advantages:

  • Noose extenders: This type of devices is known as the most traditional and predictable one. These stretchers are available on the market for 25 years already. It’s a popular choice among the uncircumcised men. Such extenders are equipped with a big padded base as well as screw-attached rods. It’s possible to alter the stretcher’s length in order to properly wear it. The greatest downside of the noose devices is that once you achieve the manhood length maximally permitted with the stretcher you will have to buy the other stretcher to further increase the penis size. This type of stretchers is more favorable for the intermediately and highly experienced users.
  • Strap extenders: These stretchers feature a greater comfort and more innovative design. Actually, the slider design is what mainly distinguishes a strap extender from a noose extender. The majority of strap penis extenders have a construction able to excellently suit the measurements of fully enlarged manhood. This brings the level adjustability and user-friendliness to a much advanced level. The strap penis extenders ensure a much better traction control and almost completely eliminate discomfort during stretching. These devices provide adequate fitting for both circumcised and uncircumcised penises. Also, such stretchers guarantee harmlessness. So, the probability of injuring a manhood when using a strap extender almost comes to naught. For the mentioned reasons, the men very often give preference to such penis extenders regardless of the experience in using these devices.

The Use of Penis Extenders in Everyday Life

The expert opinions concerning the very possibility and convenience of wearing penis extenders in the daily life substantially vary.

The manufacturers of the branded stretchers claim that their devices are very easy to use almost at every moment of the day, regardless of whether the man is at home or at work. The manufacturing companies state that these extenders feature a great comfortability and can be effectively applied under loose clothes in a trouble-free way.

But the evidence is ambiguous somehow because the extension sessions may impede the daily activities. The matter is that wearing a device may be complicated when the man is standing up for quite a long time. Also, it’s necessary to display vigilance with a stretcher worn onto the manhood when the man is sitting down and his legs are wide apart. The car driving may be difficult as well when the man is going to let the extender remain on the penis.

The penis extenders are typically constructed of plastic. It may be quite a challenging task to bend this plastic while moving. That’s why the movements, especially the active ones, can be barely possible when you use the device. So, the stretchers may interrupt the daily routine and it’s much better to use them only purposefully for a certain period of time per day.

Penis Extenders as a Cure for Some Diseases

There are medical proofs that the top-notch penis extenders from the most trustworthy manufacturers can be the effective auxiliary tools for the treatment of some intimate diseases. Thus, many extenders were initially specifically invented as the medical devices for relieving the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease.

This medical condition implies the availability of penis curvature which emerges when scar tissue formations grow inside the manhood. There are the clinical trial findings, indicating that the extension of this scar tissue within quite a long period of time provides the promising penis-unbending results. The regular stretching enables the man to straighten the curved penis and eliminate discomfort and pain which often accompany a sexual intercourse in men with Peyronie’s disease.

Also, the penis extenders have clinically demonstrated their ability to helps the men who suffer from the impairment of erectile function because of prostate cancer. When the men have prostate cancer, their penile nerves may be injured as a result of surgery or radiation treatment. And stretching can really assist the men in returning them the opportunity to have a sexual encounter and fully enjoy a sex life.

Penis Extenders and Sexual Relationship

The multiple advertisements try to convince the men that the penis extenders can immediately solve all sexual problems between the men and their sex partners. These claims are based on the centuries-old men’s dissatisfaction with own penis measurements and the men’s overwhelming desire to have a bigger penis. The millions of men all over the world believe that a huge penis is everything they need for happiness and mutual sexual pleasure.

But the trust-based intimate relationship is much more than simple penetrative sex. So, if you want to improve your sexual relationship, you should start with tackling all the problems existing in your couple first of all. If you and your beloved one are primarily focused on building a healthy relationship, then the penis size will not be a number one problem for you. And in this case, the penis size increase due to the use of penis extenders will be just an additional bonus, pleasantly complementing your sex life.


Are there any contraindications to using penis extenders?

penis extender devicePenis extenders are the devices which have to be actually put on the penis. That’s why the availability of any penile skin allergies, skin irritations, rashes, wounds, bruises, and infections on the penis shaft are the contraindications to the application of such devices.

Also, the medical experts strongly don’t recommend to stretch the manhood by using the extenders if the man is prone to the formation of blood clots. Blood clotting is a very serious problem that never has to be left unaddressed. But as soon as you solve these health issues, it’s possible to safely apply the extenders again.

Does Penis Extender Affect My Sexuality?

A penis extender is actually not meant for the improvement of male sexual potency. It is primarily intended for the penis growth. Also, it is useful for overcoming the penis curvature. However, there still can be some mild influence on sexuality in men. Thus, since penis extenders are placed on the penis, they have a stimulatory effect on it.

This can make the man sexually aroused. Also, due to the action of the stretcher, the manhood can hold more blood. And hence, the man will experience stronger and larger erections. In addition, the member size increase gives a boost to the overall sexual performance and revives the bedroom’s self-confidence.

Where Should I Use Penis Extendrs?

It’s actually possible to use penis extenders everywhere you want. Thus, you can easily use it being at home or even while sleeping. Moreover, if you wear loose underwear and jeans or pants, you can stretch your penis with extender even outside your home. And nobody will even notice it.

How Long Is It Necessary to Use Penis Extenders?

When you start using penis extenders, you shouldn’t expect that you will get a bigger dick immediately. Even a couple of days are not enough to see the first results. The natural penis growth takes time and devotion.

The average daily stretching should last from 3 to 6 hours. The maximum daily duration of stretching shouldn’t be longer than 12 hours.

If you use penis extenders up to 6 months, you can count on 1-2 inches increase in the penis length. If the duration of the device application exceeds 6 months, the manhood can elongate by 3 inches. But while penis extenders substantially change the penis length, they have a slight impact on its circumference.

What Are The Best Alternatives to Penis Extenders?

When the men guess about the possibility of male enhancement, they first of all consider a penis enlargement surgery.

But it is far not the only method to increase the penis size.

To enlarge the manhood safely, effectively, painlessly, you can give a try to the penis enlargement pills and pumps. You can use these methods both separately and together with penis extenders.

The penis pumps and pills provide temporary penis size increase results which appear due to the short-time intensification of blood flow to the penis.


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