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The Best Penis Pumps of 2020

These best penis pumps may help increase penis size, and more importantly, potentially enhance your bedroom confidence, too.

best penis pumps

Many men are not satisfied with the size of their penis.

They consider it to be a serious problem that ruins their life.

Their self-esteem drops.

But high self-esteem is very important, especially in the bedroom.

Surgical methods can enlarge a penis by 4 cm. The procedures are performed under regional anesthesia in specialized medical settings.

If the surgery is performed by a professional, there is a minimal risk of complications.

However, perhaps, you should consider home-based penis enlargement techniques before opting for a drastic solution?


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erection vacuum pump


9.944 Reviews

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The Most Powerful Penis Pump


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Hydromax Series

9.842 Reviews

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Safe & Powerful Penis Enlargement Pump


dick pump

Bathmate Hydro7

9.521 Reviews

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Perfect Penis Pump For Beginners


ed pump

HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy

9.015 Reviews

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Feel the Real Manhood Expanding Power


Do Penis Pumps Work?


8.612 Reviews

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Effective Water Penis Pump

Penis pumps cannot compete for efficacy with surgery, but they offer distinct advantages:

  • Easy to use
  • Completely safe
  • Improve erections
  • Enhance endurance


2020’s Best Penis Pump: HydroXtreme

what is a penis pump for

Don’t have the inches she needs?

Then pump it up with Bathmate Hydroxtreme.

The enormous pump performance is what ensures the most satisfactory gains for the men aspiring to enlarge their penis.

And HydroXtreme 7 from Bathmate offers the highest possible efficacy to the men whose manhood length ranges from 5 to 7 inches.

By using this water-based pump, it’s possible to take advantage of the greatest but harmless vacuum force in order to reach the maximum length and circumference gains, enhance erection firmness, and revive sexual endurance and stamina.

The attachment of handball unit is what distinguishes HydroXtreme from the rest of Bathmate penis pumps.

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#2 Hydromax Series

best penis pumps

The top-notch HydroMax Series takes into account all the men’s needs, curing erectile dysfunction and at the same time promoting penis enlargement.

High efficacy and power which the HydroMax features distinguish it from all the ordinary penis pumps which you can find on sale.

An impressive suction without additional efforts is what the bellows system gives.

Comfort pads are irreplaceable for ensuring necessary seal.

The unmatched latch valve is responsible for the prevention of water escaping during the enlargement session.

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#3 Bathmate Hydro7 Penis Pump

All your erotic goals in one Hydro7 penis pump!

The Bathmate Hydro7 is another worthy penis pump option for men who strive for a longer and thicker penis or want to solve erectile dysfunction problem without much efforts.

Since the device is available on sale for a long time, it has already made the customers trust this brand.

In addition, when this product was launched to the market, it was a real breakthrough to the future because water replaced air in this device.

But this pump has not been renewed for a few years. That’s why the more advanced and powerful penis pumps outcompeted the Bathmate.

However, this pump still has some remarkable advantages.

The price for the device is affordable to each man. It’s a perfect option for the men who only start using penis pumps.

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#4 HydroXtreme 7 Wide Boy

penis pump side effect

If you are an owner of the manhood thicker than 6.5 inches and shorter or equal to 7 inches, HydroXtreme 7 Wide Boy is sure to make you happy with the provided effects.

This most innovative, unrivaled model offered by Bathmate is created to substantially enhance and accelerate pumping gains.

It helps make the manhood even longer and thicker, boosts erection rigidity, and restores sexual strength and virility.

Belonging to Bathmate super performance HydroXtreme models, this device is easy-to-use and extremely effective. Now, when the penis pump contains warm water and is already put onto the manhood, pumping is not demanded any more.

Instead, the fixed handball unit should be squeezed in order to generate pressure in the device.

By creating the highest possible pressure in a safe way, HydroXtreme 7 Wide Boy penis pump enables you to satisfy all your requirements and meet your objectives.

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#5 VaxAid

penis enlargement pumps

Having a strong support expressed by the medical experts, Penomet features a unique design and powerful features which give the men a great opportunity to increase manhood size.

This hydro pump was created to satisfy even the smallest demands of the discerning customers. And it actually does this. That’s why this device outdistanced a large number of competitors.

The pump has a very high efficacy because it has an exclusive peculiarity.

That is, it has an advanced interchangeable Gaiter System which enables the user to safely change the suction force and hence achieve the best results.

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How to Prepare for the Use of Penis Pumps

Before starting the acquaintance with the benefits of penis pumps, it’s recommended to get prepared to this, preferably with the doctor’s help.

You of course can use the branded penis pumps even without any assistance, but it will be much better for you to first of all discuss your erectile problems with your healthcare provider. You should be ready to respond the questions of a medical expert concerning your sexual activity in general and erectile function in particular. You will have to describe the manifestations of erectile weakness which you experience. If the doctor finds out the underlying medical condition, you will not just use one of the modern penis pumps but also undergo special treatment of this disease.

Taking into account the underlying disease you have, a general practitioner will refer you to a doctor who is focused on the treatment of fertility and urinary diseases. Typically, this doctor is a urologist, who can also advise you the most up-to-date penis pumps able to support your anti-impotence efforts.

To recommend you the most suitable type and model of penis pumps, the doctor needs to know about:

  • Any disease you suffer at the present moment or experienced previously
  • Any traumas or surgical procedures you underwent, primarily those touching on the penis, testes, and prostate
  • Prescription drugs you use
  • Natural remedies you use
  • All erectile dysfunction curing methods you applied and what results these methods brought

You should get prepared that you will need a physical examination that has to obligatorily involve the visual examination of sex organs and the measurement of arterial pulse in various places throughout the body. Peripheral arteries are taken for this measurement. You should also tell the doctor whether you already use any penis pumps or other penis devices.

You should be aware that a digital rectal examination (DRE) may be required to assess how prostate gland works. It is not a complicated test that implies putting a lubricated and gloved finger into the rectum. The doctor uses this procedure to identify the availability of prostate abnormalities by touch.

If you are already diagnosed with some underlying conditions and undergo an adequate anti-impotence treatment, the doctor’s consultation may require less time. You can just ask advice about the choice of penis pumps.

Penis Pumps and Peyronie’s Disease

As for the Food and Drug Administration, this regulatory authority is still uncertain concerning the efficacy and safety of penis pumps when it comes to relieving the manifestations of Peyronie’s disease. This organization is still quite skeptical about the utilization of these devices by the men with Peyronie’s disease. However, the FDA admits that the further investigations of the influence of penis pumps on the progression and treatment of Peyronie’s disease in men are needed to confirm the usefulness of these devices.

At the same time the British Journal of Urology brought to the public the findings of clinical trial confirming the positive effects of penis pumps on the men diagnosed with the Peyronie’s disease. According to these findings, pumping is a great way to mechanically unbend the curved manhood. Thus, the member pumping leads to the improvement and stabilization of bent degree. The study has also demonstrated that the application of pumping devices is harmless regardless of the Peyronie’s disease stage. Moreover, it was found out that the pumping may enable the Peyronie’s disease patients to avoid the need for a surgical treatment of this disease.

Reasonability of Using a Penis Ring

The kits of most advanced and reliable penis pumps from the best manufacturers typically contain constriction rings. Such a penis ring has to be placed and adjusted at the penis base. These rings were invented in order the pump users could enjoy a sustainable erection increased in size for a longer period of time. Thus, the main advantage of penis pumps with the constriction rings is that these rings offer the men an opportunity to hold the penis in the erect state for a while to prevent the blood from flowing out of the manhood.

When the erection occurs, it’s necessary to put the constriction ring at the penis base. After this, you should wear the pump tube off. This constriction ring should remain around the manhood for no longer than half an hour. This period of time is considered absolutely safe. But don’t prolog the period of using a penis ring. The matter is than if you keep it on the manhood for too long, it may impede the blood circulation in the penis and damage penile tissues.

How to Obtain a Penis Pump

do penis pumps really workIf you are thinking of buying one of the penis pumps, it’s recommended to discuss this with your healthcare provider first of all. The healthcare practitioner will advise you the device that got an approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

The best decision is to refer to the urologist who should be aware about the pharmacies next to your place of living where you can find the trustworthy penis pumps. In this case, you can be really sure that you will become an owner of the FDA-approved device of superior quality.

The men often wonder whether they need a prescription to obtain the penis pumps.

The good news is that it’s not obligatorily to visit a doctor in order to get a prescription for purchasing a pumping device. This substantially facilitates the task of buying a pump the man is interested in. Each man who suffers from the manifestations of erectile dysfunction and wants to quickly combat this problem without the use of any prescription ED medications can absolutely freely purchase every pump he wants.

There is a wide selections of penis pumps from different manufacturers. And you can purchase them not only in the drug stores and sex shops. It’s also advisable to buy the pumps from the well-established manufacturers on their official websites, which belong to the most secure places to obtain such intimate devices.


Advantages of Penis Pumps

The high-quality penis pumps have a number of benefits which urge the men from all over the world to give preference to these devices. These advantages are as follows:

  • Erectile dysfunction treatment: The pumps were actually invented in order to cure erectile disability in men. The use of pumping enables the man to attain and sustain a strong erection that will last approximately 30 minutes. This happens very quickly. The man can choose pumping as a part of foreplay or utilize the device right before a sexual encounter.
  • Increased erection size: The use of penis pumps contributes to a massive blood inflow to the penis. Much more blood than usually without pumping appears in the manhood and completely fills all erectile tissues there. Due to this, the man may experience a noticeable bigger erection. But this enlargement refers only to the erect penis and disappears when this erection ends.
  • Alternative to ED medications: The penis pumps serve as a great substitute for the prescription ED drugs which typically have many side effects and contraindications. Also, these devices help the men avoid the painful and dangerous penile implant insertion procedures aimed at repairing erectile function.
  • Post-surgical support: There is unbiased evidence that pumping helps the men to preserve and restore their sexual abilities after prostate cancer radiation therapy and prostate surgery.

Safety of Penis Pumps

The penis pumps from trustworthy manufacturers are considered safe as a non-invasive ED treatment option. But the pump user has to strictly follow the manufacturer’s user guidelines and never buy the device from an unknown company.

To use the water-based pump, you should:

  • Fill the device with warm water.
  • Attach the device to the penis.
  • Form quite a tight seal between the pubic area and device.
  • Continue pressing the device against the pubic area to generate a higher presser in the cylinder.
  • Maintain the pressure within the pump for approximately 15 minutes.
  • Once you decide to complete the pumping session, open the valve to release pressure.
  • Pull the penis out of the device.
  • Dry up the device.

Hydro pumps are a safer and more comfortable choice for the users.


Proper Measurements Are a Must

Of course the choice of the most appropriate manhood pump option implies taking into account the information about the manufacturer and the device itself. But when gathering this information, the future users of a particular device often forget that the pump has to ideally fit your member. To make sure that it’s really like this, you have to precisely measure your manhood.

The matter is that the manufacturers make their penis pumps of different sizes to suit the men with different penis measurements. Sometimes, the men choose too large devices. That’s because the men think that the large device will provide them the maximal results. At the same time, the other men are quite careless or inattentive when they pick the device for their member. Anyway, the pump cylinder has to excellently suit the size of your member.

This is a sure way to get the effects you expect.

In addition, if you try to select the most suitable devices among the existing penis pumps, it’s better to give preference to the pump with a pressure relief valve.

The proper control over pressure is very important even if you manage to choose the pump exactly according to your manhood size. Thus, pressure regulation is irreplaceable for the prevention of penile damage during the pumping sessions.

The Uses of Penis Pumps

When the men use penis pumps, they typically pursue the following objectives:

    penis pump instructions

  • Penis Size Increase: These devices are the worthy tools for manhood enlargement without the use of surgical methods. This enlargement method doesn’t imply any invasion. The scientists even carried out a study to show that the pumps really positively change the member measurements. Thus, in 2006, the British Journal of Urology International brought to the public the study findings. The findings demonstrated that the pumping sessions 3 times per week for 6 months enabled the men to improve the manhood measurements. The average member length increase was 0.3 cm.
  • Erectile Function Enhancement: The penis pumps belong to the alternative non-surgical methods which gave evidence to be helpful for the men with inability to have good erections. These devices offer a complementary option which is easy to apply during the pharmaceutical ED cure. The manhood pumping intensifies blood flow in genitals. Since more blood reaches the member, oxygenation of penile cells also grows. The increased amount of blood and oxygen promotes fuller and bigger erections which enable the men successfully finish a sexual encounter. And in such a way, the pumps help the men combat the issue of weak erections.
  • Greater Sex Drive: Penis pumps ensure quite powerful stimulation of libido in men. Many customers consider this aspect of the pump use a very pleasant and appealing additional bonus.
  • Peyronie’s Disease Relief: According to the studies, the top-notch penis pumps are not only simply suitable for the users with Peyronie’s disease. These devices are also effective for easing the manifestations of this disease. The men suffering from the mentioned disorder have a curved manhood in the erect state. This lead to the penis reduction in length. Erections also cause pain. Such a state of affairs worsens sex life. But the pumps ensure a trouble-free sexual intercourse for these men and even can lengthen the penis.
  • Rehabilitation after Prostate Surgery: There is a scientific proof that prostate surgery is fraught with the reduction of member measurements in 50% of male patients. However, the penis pumps successfully assist the men in regaining their normal manhood size after surgical invasion.

Penis Pumps by Operation Type

Besides the choice of either a water-based or air-based pump, you should also select the penis pump depending on the type of such a device’s operation. There are such devices at your disposal:

Manual pumps: Such devices belong to the most frequently bought options among the customers according to the penis pump reviews. The men decide to use these pumps because such devices are known with a high safety level and superior quality endorsed by authoritative medical specialists and confirmed with unbiased study results. The design amendments to the best penis pumps with manual operation happen rarely, while the improvement of materials applied for the production never stops to ensure the most satisfactory gains.
You shouldn’t overpay for the manual devices since their costs remain quite reasonable. You must not constantly buy batteries or undergo pumping only in the bathroom. According to the expert opinion, the mens penis pump powered manually is a great pick for the novices.
Battery powered pumps: It’s quite clear from the name itself that these pumps require the use of batteries for the operation. If you are wondering do penis pumps really work, you can be sure that this type of pumps does. These devices create strong vacuum force barely in no time. Since such devices very quickly ensure the required vacuum force, the men have an opportunity to achieve the pumping objectives within a considerably decreased period of time. However, in this case, there is a rather high risk of applying the force which is more than necessary. And due to this, the risk of injuries also grows.
The battery powered devices suit the needs of the middle-aged and old patients most of all. Also, they are a worthy option for the customers who suffer from musculoskeletal medical conditions and coordination diseases because these men can freely use such a device without using their hands.

Penis Pump Disadvantages

When selecting the manhood pumping device, you of course think how does a penis pump work and consider the other device peculiarities.

The pumps bring a multitude of advantages. But there are still some disadvantages which the users of such devices may face. You should be aware of them before you make a choice of the penis pump most suitable for you.

Thus, there is a probability of dealing with the following disadvantages of manhood pumps:

  • Lack of erection naturalness: The penis pump users sometimes complain of erections which don’t resemble the natural ones by sensations they cause. Thus, such an erection may not be as rigid and full as the man got used. This can make the manhood pivoting and rotating to a greater extent than in case of a naturally-occurring erection.
  • Uneasiness: Some men and their partners can’t relax and feel easy due to the necessity to use the member pump. Psychological discomfort and lack of the partner’s emotional support may dramatically lower the efficacy of use of even the best penis pumps. So it’s important to overcome this problem in order to make the device more effective.
  • Manual action: Many even the most exclusive manhood pumps require the hand action. This may become an unsurmountable obstacle for many men who suffer from the moderate to severe musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases.
  • Overdoing: When using a top-notch hydro penis pump, the risk of self-injuring decreases. But anyway, many users who don’t have enough experience of regulating the action of manhood pumps may overdo with the exposure to vacuum force and harm the member. That’s why it’s necessary to gradually increase the vacuum force if necessary.

Can Penis Pumps Improve Sex Life?

Even the newest discoveries in the sphere of production of penis pumps can’t deny the fact that these devices were invented and further renovated as the erectile function relief tool. Since the pumping sessions give a boost to the man’s erectile function, the man can reasonably expect a better hardness, fullness, and duration of the erections. The improvement of erectile function of course correspondingly leads to the positive changes in the man’s sex life.

The use of penis pumps also serves as the additional sexual stimulation since it these devices are applied directly in the genital area. The numerous users of pumps report that they really feel the elevation of sexual interest and desire during pumping. Due to this, the frequency of sexual activity may increase.

So, the application of top-notch penis pumps can truly enhance the man’s sexual experience to some extent. However, you should also remember about the other aspects of sexuality as well as about a good relationship in the couple. You and your sex partner should work on the improvement of your mutual satisfaction and consider each other’s sexual wishes. In this case, the pumping will become a pleasant addition to your sexual activity.

Why to Choose Penis Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction

There is a number of reasons for which the intimate issue of erectile dysfunction should be addressed by means of utilization of the revolutionary penis pumps. These reasons are as follows:

  • High Efficacy: The plausible evidence demonstrates the ability of manhood pumps to provide the men with great erections provided that the devices are used properly and regularly.
  • Low Risk Level: The users of well-reputed penis pumps run a lower risk of dealing with any adverse reactions and negative health effects comparing to the other methods of overcoming impotence.
  • Reasonable Price: The price for these devices is not outrageous. The pumps are affordable to the majority of men. In addition, once buying the device, you shouldn’t further spend money as opposed to the other ways of fighting erectile dysfunction.
  • No Invasion: The use of penis pumps doesn’t imply any invasion. You will not undergo any surgical procedure, will not feel pain, will not administer any injections, and will not take dangerous prescription drugs.
  • Compatibility with Different ED Treatments: The penis pumps are an excellent choice for the men who want to experiment with different anti-impotence treatments by combining them simultaneously.
  • Post-Surgical Erectile Function Rehabilitation: If you lost your ability to have strong and long-lasting erections because of some treatment procedures such as prostate surgery or prostate cancer radiation therapy, the high-quality penis pumps will come to rescue. These devices will enable you to get satisfactory erections again.

Penis Pumps Risks

The penis pumps from the well-established manufacturers are typically considered the high-quality, harmless devices which can’t endanger the man’s health. But there are still a few potential risks associated with the use of such pumps which you should be aware of before starting the pumping.
Thus, if you use the prescription blood-thinning drugs and at the same time practice the manhood pumping, the probability of bleeding raises.

If you suffer from sickle anemia and other blood medical conditions, the use of a manhood pump may pose a threat of bleeding or blood clot development.

Also, if you are going to use a pump, you should inform the healthcare practitioner about this and about all your existing diseases.

Penis Pumps and Recovery after Prostate Surgery

It may sound surprising for many men, especially those with prostate medical conditions, but the top-notch penis pumps may be very helpful for the men who underwent the prostate surgical procedure.

Prostate surgery, also known as prostatectomy, itself is a very traumatic procedure which may have many devastating side effects. And one of the most terrifying side effects is the penis size decrease. The study findings have indicated that approximately 50% of the men after prostatectomy faced the issue of penis size reduction. However, scientific evidence has also demonstrated that the penis pumps may save the men from such an embarrassing situation.

Thus, the studies have shown that the penis pumps can successfully preserve the length and thickness of the manhood after prostate surgery, particularly a prostate cancer surgical procedure. This method of preserving the penis dimensions is medically endorsed. It means that the doctors themselves advise their patients to purchase the high-quality penis pumps form the most reliable companies in order to avoid the penis shrinkage. Even if this shrinkage is slight, the men are very touchy upon such a situation which may give a death-blow to each man’s sexual self-esteem. But pumping is really able to prevent this.

Also, the scientists have confirmed that the penis pumps can effectively facilitate and accelerate the manhood rehabilitation after the procedure of radical prostatectomy. These innovative devices encourage a much higher amount of blood to reach and fill the manhood notwithstanding the fact of availability of radical prostatectomy induced nerve damage, which is a challenging problem after a surgery. And due to this, the pumping devices demonstrate a great potency to promote penile rehabilitation. Even the rehabilitation protocols include vacuum pumping as a part of the post-surgical treatment.

When to Consult a Doctor for Penis Pumps

The penis pumps are not the equipment intended for medical purposes. The presence and assistance of medical specialists is not required for the proper application of these manhood devices.
The healthcare provider may help you select the most appropriate size of penis pumps, which will suit your penis shape and measurements most of all. If the specialist assists you in the choice and adjustment of the member pump, you will have the much higher chances that your choice will be successful and the pumping will meet your expectations and requirements.

If you visit a doctor before buying a device for pumping, a medical expert may advise you the FDA approved penis pumps which are really considered safe and effective in terms of relieving the symptoms of erectile function. The FDA clearance is always an indication of high safety level which the device features. It means that this device is really worth trying and trusting.
Also, the healthcare provider can recommend the drugstores where you can purchase the most sophisticated penis pumps from the well-established and reputed manufacturers. This will help you avoid frustration and disappointment with a bad buy. In addition, this will definitely save the help of your intimate organs.

And of course, if something in the penis appearance and/or state bothers you but you still want to use one of the penis pumps, you shouldn’t start pumping till you schedule the doctor’s appointment. If the doctor determines that there are really some health issues with your genitals, you will firstly undergo treatment and only after this will be able to beneficially use your pump.


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