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TestoGen Review (UPDATE: February, 2020)

testogenDue to decreased levels of male hormone in the blood, individuals end up having an unhealthy sexual life as testosterone has direct effects on male sexual function.

With inactive sexual life, the male also feels weak and old.

They also realize that they are not harder from the inside as they used to be in their youth. But, you need not to worry as there is a way of increasing the testosterone levels.

With TestoGen, your biochemistry is supported and you start feeling young, strong and healthy again.

Most importantly, you lead a very healthy sexual life!

It supports the stamina, emotional well being and satisfaction.

TestoGen is in the list of the supplements we appreciate most of all.

We found TestoGen can help men:

  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Boost libido
  • Reduce bodyfat
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Reduces the negative effects of androgen drop
The manufacturer feels certain about the reliability and safety of its supplement. For this reason, it backs its product with a money-back guarantee, actively protecting the customers for 60 days.

TestoGen can be purchased through their Official Site.

1. Does TestoGen Work?

There have been studies that prove the effectiveness of TestoGen’s active ingredients.

D-aspartic acid
In 2009, the Italian scientists found out that D-aspartic acid has a great positive influence on testosterone secretion in men. The scientists stated that the testes and pituitary gland are the places where this acid is naturally synthesized. D-aspartic acid is necessary to ensure that the body produces and releases testosterone and luteinizing hormone properly.[1]

The study conducted in Australia in 2011 has given evidence that Fenugreek can substantially improve sex drive and normalize testosterone production in a man’s body in a natural way. [2]

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Red ginseng extract
The American scientists came to the conclusion that Asian ginseng is able to elevate serum lactate, give a boost to sports performance, increase muscle strength, enhance blood and tissue oxygenation, improve heart functioning, sharpen focus and concentration, ensure high work capacity, maintain healthy homeostasis, as well as lengthen reaction time to different visual and auditory stimuli.[3]

Vitamin D
German scientists carried out the study that involved men with excessive weight. There were 2 groups of participants who took part in the experiment, lasting for a year. The first group of men was given a placebo during the study period. The second group of men underwent vitamin D3 supplementation for the same period. The target of the study was a weight loss.

However, when the study finished, the participants of the second group had experienced not only weight loss equal to approximately 6 kg. These men also reported on the elevation of testosterone levels by approximately 25%.[4]

One more study was aimed at measuring testosterone and vitamin D levels in 652 male participants from Korea. The age of the participants exceeded 40 years. The study demonstrated that the probability of testosterone deficiency has grown by 2.66 times in the men who lacked vitamin D.[5]

To summarize: TestoGen has scientific data that indicates a connection between certain nutrients and a boost in testosterone production.

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2. What is the Cost of TestoGen?

The TestoGen price varies, depending on the option you select.

1 month’s supply – $59.99
2 month’s supply + 1 month free – $129
3 month’s supply + 2 months free – $179.99


3. How It Works

TestoGen optimizes the levels of testosterone in the men’s bodies because of the specific mechanism of action of its carefully selected components of natural origin.

Thus, these ingredients work by:

Boosting luteinizing hormone levels
The ingredient content of this booster is loaded with the components able to naturally activate the synthesis of luteinizing hormone in the man’s body.

The normal levels of this hormone are crucial for the production of testosterone.

Since the levels of luteinizing hormone raise, the levels of testosterone also elevate.

Making sex hormone-binding globulin inactive
The supplement consists of the ingredients which can deactivate sex hormone-binding globulin. The latter one makes the levels of testosterone plummet since the molecules of this hormone bind to SHBG.

But this booster frees testosterone from SHBG. Due to this, the concentration of free testosterone grows. It is exactly free testosterone that is bioavailable and useful for the men.

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4. TestoGen Benefits

The men who are determined to win in the fight against age-related testosterone deprivation choose TestoGen.

This supplement offers a healthy way to tackle the issue of testosterone imbalance.

The men who don’t want to experiment with dangerous illegal synthetic testosterone select this all-natural supplement to enjoy the following upsides of the product:

  • Fat Percentage Decline: The pill ingredients urge the body to burn excessive fat available in the body in the trouble areas. In such a way, you will not only get rid of unwanted fat, but also reduce weight and sculpt a much more attractive body.
  • Lean Muscle Mass Development: The testosterone booster components work by encouraging the growth of lean muscle mass. As a result of supplementation, muscle tissue increases. And the muscles become much stronger than before.
  • Muscle Size Maintenance: If you already have quite big muscles, they will not disappear during the supplementation. It means that the fat deposits will melt while the muscle mass size will remain unchanged. Muscle mass preservation is a crucial condition for the successful activities of any sportsman.
  • More Frequent Exercises: The supplement ingredients work in a way that ensures a powerful natural elevation of energy levels. This helps the men combat the issue of superfluous fatigue, enhance stamina, and give a boost to power and endurance. Due to this, it’s possible to make the workouts last much longer and repeat them much more frequently and effectively.
  • Sex Drive Enhancement: The action of this non-synthetic remedy is not targeted on the male sexual potency as the most important supplementation effect. However, the pill still has a quite impressive potential to revive sex drive in men. This happens as an indirect result of testosterone growth. Also, virile strength and overall bedroom performance improve.
  • Brain Power Restoration: For both sportsmen and ordinary men, it’s very important to hone mental abilities. Concentration, mental focus, attention, and competitive edge mean a lot for each man. And all these aspects of brain power are sure to be supercharged under the influence of the top-notch natural TestoGen ingredients.

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5. When Testosterone Levels Will Raise

Each man who decides to use testosterone booster dreams of raising hormone amount in the body very fast.

No one wants to wait and be patient.

However, when you choose TestoGen, you have to be ready to devote some time in order to see truly satisfactory results.

Self-consistency and patience are the two pillars which are going to ensure the success of your supplementation with TestoGen. When taking the supplements for a few days only, you will not feel the gains you are looking for.

Instead, you should use 4 supplement capsules per day for at least a month in order to notice the pleasing changes in both your appearance and behavior. This will indicate that you testosterone levels really elevate and start influencing on your body.

In particular, such a supplementation period is enough to lift your mood, sharpen focus and concentration, fuel competitive edge, enhance overall mental abilities, and give a boost to libido along with overall bedroom performance.

However, if you are mainly targeted at the development of muscle mass, increase in muscle strength and endurance, the elevation of energy levels, and improvement of overall physical performance, you will have to undergo the supplementation for no less than two months.

At the same time, you shouldn’t ignore the necessity to combine the supplementation with a well thought-out workout routine.

6. Whom TestoGen Is Meant for

Among the men who aspire to increase testosterone levels, all kinds of athletes and bodybuilders take the leading place. That’s because these men must take care of their athletic performance in order to succeed in sports.

And TestoGen is a top-notch product that helps such men naturally boost force, power, speed, and strength without both health risk and disqualification risk.

Also, the supplementation promotes the natural growth of lean muscle mass which is always a key desire of all sportsmen and even the ordinary men wishing to have a well-toned body.

As for the age restrictions for TestoGen intake, there are also some important things you should keep in mind.

Thus, the men starting from 18 years old already can use the supplement for the normalization of testosterone balance.

The men under this age shouldn’t take any boosters of testosterone, even the natural ones.

That’s because at the very young age, the bodies of young guys are overloaded with own testosterone provided that these guys are healthy and don’t have any endocrine diseases.

For this reason, these men don’t need any exterior stimulation of hormone production even if this stimulation is absolutely natural.

However, the supplement proves to demonstrate the highest efficacy in the aging men. The age of these men varies between 30 and 50 and even older.

The explanation to this fact is simple because exactly after 30 years old testosterone in all men begins to naturally fade away. And the manifestations of dropping testosterone become more and more apparent from year to year.

In this case, the supplementation with this natural remedy assists the men in supporting their natural testosterone production and optimizing the overall male hormone balance. It also greatly serves for the relief of the low testosterone symptoms.
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7. Whom TestoGen Is Not Meant For

TestoGen is surely not meant for the men who suffer from the impairment of endocrine system. The use of any boosters may have unpredictable impact on the already insufficient hormone function.

Also, the availability of any serious and/or chronic diseases is a contraindication to the intake of the supplement.

That’s because the combination of the prescription-only medications used for the treatment of such diseases may negatively affect the health in combination with the supplementation.


8. The Bottom Line On TestoGen

Finally, can you count on TestoGen to deliver solid results?

Athletes and bodybuilders who require stably high testosterone especially appreciate this product.

We like the herbs in TestoGen are backed by clinical studies.

Also, we appreciate the strong 60-day money-back guarantee.


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