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The Best Testosterone Boosters of 2019

best testosterone booster supplements

5 Best Testosterone Boosting Supplements

Just like any other man, you most probably aspire to gain muscles quicker, have incredible strength, build a strong body, and get rid of displeasing fat storages.

Also, you may strive for a high sex drive and a better sex life.

These goals are reachable with testosterone booster supplements.


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Scientifically Formulated Testosterone Booster


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Max Strength Testosterone Support


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Powerful Testosterone Booster


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Legal Dianabol Alternative


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Testosterone & Human Growth Hormone Booster



The Best Testosterone Booster: TestoGen

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Developed for the keen bodybuilder; TestoGen delivers a potent dose right from day 1, helping to boost your strength, libido and muscle mass.

TestoGen is a powerful testosterone booster that has a well thought-out, naturally based, and properly measured matrix.

D-Aspartic Acid, Boron, Nettle leaf, Fenugreek, Red Ginseng, and Bioperine are what provide the maximum effects exactly in such a combination.


  • Strong anabolic supplement with triple action
  • Natural and safe elevation of testosterone levels
  • Control over estrogen levels

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#2 TestoMax

best testosterone pills

One of the best testosterone boosters that we have ever come across Testo-Max is cleverly formulated, well balanced and is every bit as suitable for bodybuilders as it is for older men suffering with Low Testosterone.

Delivering a scientifically developed ingredient profile that includes good doses of Vitamin D3, D-Aspartic Acid, Magnesium, Zinc alongside Nettle Extract and Fenugreek Extract.

Users across the board all tell us of excellent increases in energy, muscle tone and strength plus a very noticeable (and welcome) boost to sex drive and performance.

Shipping is worldwide and prices start at $59.99.

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#3 TestRX

TestRX is a supplement where the key components are Fenugreek and D Aspartic Acid. It promotes the natural testosterone production.

As a result of the supplement intake, the muscle strength and endurance increase, contributing to the muscle mass growth.

Also, the testosterone booster formula is renovated due to the availability of additional nutrients such as zinc and magnesium and vitamins such as B1, K2, and D3.

That’s why besides the major effects it’s possible to count on some extra bonuses, including the facilitation of recovery after physical activities, normalization of heart rhythm, and antioxidative action.


  • Reasonable price
  • Stimulation of protein synthesis
  • Reduction of body fat percentage
  • Decrease in cholesterol and sugar levels in blood

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#4 D-Bal

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Looking for a product that produces near-steroid like results but that isn’t actually a steroid?

If so, then one testosterone booster that you may want to consider is D-Bal. This product has been designed (according to the makers) to help reproduce the action of Methandrostenolone but offer far less potential side effects.

Since steroids, as most people already know, are definitely not a healthy route to go if you value long-term muscle building and overall hormonal health, this testosterone supplement may offer a viable alternative.

It helps to produce maximum physiological testosterone release by lowering the factors in the body that tend to naturally decrease T levels, namely cortisol.

The end result is that you have a more powerful hormonal environment in your body that can help you increase the rate of muscle building.

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#5 Provacyl

how to increase testosterone

Provacyl is not exactly a sports supplement, but the product for supporting the men’s health during the andropause.

At the same time, the optimal ingredient content makes it highly-demanded among the sportsmen wishing to gain muscle mass and increase physical endurance due to the natural normalization of the male hormone testosterone and HGH.

The indications for use are quite diverse. Provacyl is helpful for the men with hormonal imbalance, impairment of reproductive system, low libido, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, and other health issues.


  • Non-hormonal natural remedy
  • Anti-aging effect
  • Reduction of body fat percentage
  • Stimulation of muscle mass growth

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6 Essential Facts About All Natural Test Booster Supplements

There are a lot of bodybuilders who try artificial, steroid based testosterone boosters to get their testosterone level up for more muscle mass as well as strength when they are just starting out.

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Even though these steroids and chemicals can give very fast results, still there are a lot of risks involved and they can even cause permanent health issues.

These bad effects outweigh the advantages of these drugs, that’s why it’s important to take a more natural approach when trying to build muscle.

Choosing natural testosterone supplementation is the only way to healthily and safely reach all your goals.

Read these 6 facts that help you know more about choosing natural bodybuilding supplements:

1. With a natural test boosters you can increase your strength and get the muscle size you want without dangerous side effects you would get from chemical (and often illegal) steroids and drugs. Natural testosterone supplements might work a bit more slowly, but at least they don’t have any dangerous side effects.

2. You can find natural testosterone supplements in several different forms, including liquids, pills, capsules and powders. All these help you gain strength and get leaner muscles. There are specific foods that are also beneficial since they can naturally boost the production of testosterone.

3. In a bodybuilder’s diet, protein is an important component. It is what makes your muscles grow and develop. Some of the best protein sources to boost your body’s testosterone production are beans, legumes, animal meats, and some dairy products.

male balance booster supplement

4. Oysters have a lot of Zinc in them. This important vitamin can be found in several natural supplements that help to release testosterone and lower estrogen levels, this is crucial to building muscle bulk and strength.

5. Estrogen works against testosterone. It stores fat and boosts water retention. Natural supplements help the body to release more testosterone and to lower estrogen levels stopping the development of any unwanted body fat (which is a side effect of increased estrogen production).

6. Fatty acids give energy and can also boost your immune system. Testosterone booster supplements should contain fatty acids, so they can help to give you more strength and they are also good for your health and overall well-being.

The best way to get the muscular body you want is to go on a well-balanced and healthy diet, take the right nutrients and vitamins and start a good training program.

To get the results faster and make them stick, the right natural testosterone supplement can help.


what vitamins boost testosterone


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Triple-Action Testosterone Booster


Who Suffers from Testosterone Deprivation

Testosterone deprivation is such a deplorable issue that lies in wait for virtually each man on the Earth.

No one is impervious to it.

Even if you keep your health in check and stand against bad habits, you can’t stop the process that sooner or later will lower your testosterone. And it’s the aging process.

During numerous studies, the scientists finally figured out that the degree to which aging develops straightforwardly influences on how low testosterone may fall, as well as on the necessity to take testosterone boosters.

The study conducted in 2006 found out that 39% of men who were close to their 50s had severe problems with their testosterone levels. Thus, testosterone concentration in the blood of these men was critically low.

And only a small number of these men use testosterone boosters or make any other steps to elevate testosterone levels.

There was one more study that involved American men really proving the existence of interconnection between the aging process and the amount of testosterone in the man’s body.

Thus, according to this study, 20% of the male participants who have reached the age of 60 years old continuously experience the manifestations of testosterone deprivation.

Moreover, 30% of the study participants who reached the age 70 years old and 50% of the study participants who were above 80 years old severely lacked testosterone.


Upsides of Testosterone Boosters

best testosterone booster for muscle gainThe latest offers which emerge on the market in the sphere of testosterone boosters quickly earn confidence of the customers from all over the world.

That’s because such remedies can boast of many worthy upsides:

  • Improvement of Body Composition.
    The growth of testosterone levels in the body contributes to the intensification of the muscle mass development. In particular, lean muscle mass starts increasing quickly. When the new, bigger muscles emerge, you get a chance to sculpt a much better body. And you will finally have the body composition you dreamt of.
  • Enhancement of Athletic Performance.
    The supplementation with the popular testosterone boosters helps the athletes, bodybuilders, and even ordinary men supercharge their physical performance. Thus, you are sure to experience a much higher muscle strength, power, and endurance. And you will be able to work out longer and more effectively than before.
  • Restoration of Body Functions.
    The vitamins, micronutrients, minerals, and other natural active substances available in the testosterone boosters have a very positive influence on all the processes which carry on in the human body. Body functions improve and the endocrine system which is responsible for the production of all hormones in the body performs better.
  • Increase in Sex Drive.
    The elevation of testosterone levels doesn’t leave male libido unchanged. Thus, according to the studies, high testosterone is associated with the increased sexual interest and desire in men and the prolongation of the duration of sexual intercourses. It’s also possible to expect the enhancement of overall bedroom performance.
  • Naturalness of All Ingredients.
    The testosterone boosters from the manufacturers with flawless reputation consist of the top-class natural ingredients only. And the efficacy and safety of these ingredients is tested by the scientists. Due to this, the customers can be sure that they purchase the really well-working natural remedies able to harmlessly stimulate testosterone secretion in all men.

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Testosterone in the Men’s Body

The man’s body uses testosterone for everything what allows a man to be a man.

In particular, muscle strength and growth, sex drive, energy levels, body fat percentage, motivation, concentration, and many other masculine features depend on testosterone concentration in the men’s blood.

But when the man is getting older, the levels of this hormone start drastically falling.

This becomes evident because of the negative changes in the body, such as poor libido, loss of strength, muscle size reduction, constant fatigue, detachment, etc.

And this is where testosterone boosters come into play.

These products are usually of natural origin.

And they are designed specifically for aligning the hormonal processes in the men’s body in a natural way.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that the top-notch boosters really raise testosterone levels in men.

Let’s consider’ how exactly the boosters influence the male hormonal balance.


What Testosterone Booster Pills Are Intended for?

Testosterone boosting pills are created to:

  • Stimulate testosterone synthesis in a natural way
  • Accelerate muscle gain
  • Gain bigger muscle
  • Promote faster muscle recovery
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Decrease body fat, replacing fat storages with lean muscle mass
  • Rebuild self-esteem and lift mood
  • Boost motivation to work out more persistently
  • Restore high energy levels necessary for effective muscle building process

It should be noted that there are the men who have a great genetic potential to successfully build muscles almost without any efforts and regardless of their eating plan and exercise routine.

At the same time, there are the men who must sweat their guts out to see some positive changes. That is, they have to strictly follow the diet plan, consume much protein, and exercise a lot for a very long time.

Testosterone boosters are invented for the men who work without letup to get ideal muscles. These products will remove all obstacles, letting you easily reach your goals.

how to gain testosterone

What Is the Mechanism of Testosterone Pills’ Actions?

The most effective supplements consist of the powerful mixtures of ingredients able to make the man’s body produce a higher amount of testosterone.

Their mechanism of action implies:

  • Normalization of Testosterone Synthesis
    Brain and endocrine system play crucial role in testosterone synthesis.

    To urge them to perform this function properly, the man should take some important ingredients which are typically absent in the daily meal plan.

    The mission of testosterone boosting products is to make up the deficiency of these ingredients. In such a way, it’s possible to stimulate testosterone secretion.
  • Elevation of Free Testosterone Levels
    According to the studies, sex hormone binding globulin binds to approximately 60% of testosterone available in the body.

    Being bound, this sex hormone can’t give an anabolic effect anymore. It becomes almost useless for the man’s body. Testosterone boosters suppress globulin secretion. This makes free testosterone levels grow.

  • Estrogen Reduction
    There is an enzyme called aromatase which has a strong impact on estrogen synthesis. And for this purpose, testosterone is used. That is, this sex hormone is turned into estrogen.

    Testosterone supplements include the ingredients which can suppress the mentioned enzyme and, therefore, save testosterone. As a result, estrogen levels plummet, while testosterone levels raise.


    How Testosterone Boosters Can Benefit You

    Apart from increasing your body’s testosterone production, what exactly can testosterone booster do for you?

    Well, to begin, the increase in testosterone is already a pretty big deal as it controls your sex drive and energy levels; having the ability to restore it is somewhat akin to being able to reverse the aging process on your body.

    Also, perhaps it goes without saying, but the increased libido will without a doubt improve your sex life and make the act feel much more fulfilling.

    Having increased levels of testosterone is also going to bear a positive impact on your ability to develop muscle tissue, meaning that getting ripped will become much easier.

    In addition, higher testosterone levels also promote the repair of your bones, strengthening them and drastically cutting your chances of developing a number of conditions, such as osteoporosis.

    There are even some studies which seem to point to there being a link between increasing testosterone levels and hair growth, which should come as welcome news for those of you who have passed the 40-years-old milestone.

    To sum it up, what testosterone booster does is it rejuvenates you, giving you the strength and energy you were so full of during your younger days.

    It’s safe to say that at this moment, it is the closest thing we have to a time-travelling device, at least when it comes to men.

    top test boosters

    Most Promising Testosterone Booster Ingredients

    In fact, it’s also mistaken to think that each testosterone booster works well. There is a wide range of products manufactured with the use of completely outdated technologies.

    That’s why these products consist of the ingredients, the efficacy of which slims to none.

    We have carried out own investigation to help you understand which now existing ingredients are the most promising ones.

    This list of ingredients is backed with the results of different clinical trials. And if you are looking for the testosterone supplement, check whether it has at least some of these ingredients in its formula:

    D-Aspartic Acid

    This amino acid plays an important role in testosterone secretion. Acting in the brain, it’s responsible for the release of numerous hormones. Among these hormones, it’s possible to distinguish the luteinizing hormone, which regulates the testes’ functioning, and growth hormone, on which muscle development mainly depends.

    According to some studies, d-aspartic acid helps eliminate rate-limits of testosterone production.

    Also, the study was conducted to find out how 3-month d-aspartic acid supplementation influences on testosterone levels in male participants between 27 and 43 years old.

    The study has finally shown that testosterone levels in men grew by 30-60%.

    The other studies have indicated that d-aspartic acid can enhance sex hormone synthesis in inactive men, as well as in men with testosterone deficiency.


    Just a small number of supplements have this trace mineral in their formulas. And it’s really a glaring omission since boron has a great ability to stimulate testosterone production. It helps build muscle mass and make bones stronger.

    The scientists found out that boron not only can elevate free testosterone levels, but also reduce estrogen synthesis. The intake of this trace mineral is able to facilitate and accelerate the achievement of your both sports and intimate goals.

    The study has demonstrated that the male bodybuilders from the study group had much higher testosterone levels after the 7-week supplementation than the men from the placebo group.

    Another study gave evidence that the 1-week intake of 10 mg of boron per day contributed to the free testosterone growth by 28%, estrogen reduction by 39%, and dihydrotestosterone growth by 10%.

    One more study has indicated that the 2-month supplementation with 6 mg of boron per day caused testosterone growth by 29%.

    Vitamin D3

    It’s considered a vitamin, but in fact it acts like a hormone. It belongs to 24 nutrients without which the human body can’t survive. It’s necessary to get the bare skin exposed to sunlight to receive enough vitamin D3. However, people always lack this vitamin because they spend very little time outdoors nowadays.

    This vitamin has an impact on the release of luteinizing hormones which in their turn contribute to the release of growth hormone, follicle stimulating hormones, and testosterone.

    According to the studies, for the men with vitamin D deficiency, the likelihood of testosterone deficiency is very high, comparing to the men who have normal vitamin D levels.

    The men without health problems who undergo the one-year supplementation with a small amount of vitamin D may experience the growth of testosterone levels by 25%.


    ZMA is a key ingredient in most good natural testosterone boosters, it helps users to:

    • Increases strength and muscle mass
    • Increases energy levels
    • Increases sex drive
    • Improves your mood
    • Helps you sleep longer and deeper

    What Is ZMA

    ZMA is short for Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate which is a mix of Zinc (30mg), magnesium aspartate (450 mg) and Pyrodoxine or Vitamin B6 (10.5 mg). ZMA is an all natural supplement that is patented and clinically proven to increase testosterone levels significantly. It helps to increase muscle strength and bulk to bodybuilders and athletes.

    Who Needs To Take ZMA?

    It is widely thought that only bodybuilders and in particular those who want to build really large muscles need to take ZMA. However, this is not the case. It doesn’t matter if you work out daily in a gym, are about to take part in a marathon, play football, basketball or baseball, your body will either way need to repair muscle tissue and recover from all the pressure it had to take during working out. ZMA is a testosterone supplement that repairs muscle tissue while we sleep.

    Can ZMA Boost Your Testosterone Levels?

    There is plenty of evidence that proves how beneficial ZMA is. Studies that were conducted recently showed that athletes often don’t have enough Magnesium and Zinc, but when they take ZMA supplements, their testosterone levels go up by 30%.

    A Sports performance researcher Lorrie Brilla from the Western Washington University reported recently that in NCAA football players ZMA can increase muscle strength and testosterone levels significantly.

    Dr. Brill presented these ZMA research results in Seattle, WA, at the Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in 1999. The findings were also published in the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Vol. 31, No. 5, May 1999, also in the official ACSM journal.

    These findings highlighted the importance of incorporating ZMA in any workout supplementation, many of our most popular testosterone boosting supplements include it as part of their formula.


    are testosterone boosters safeThis plant that grows in south Europe and Asia has sex drive increasing properties known from the ancient times.

    It promotes better release of insulin.

    Due to this, bigger muscles develop faster. Male potency also improves. High antioxidative potential of Fenugreek maintains the men’s overall health.

    There is scientific evidence that Fenugreek can support healthy testosterone production. The study that lasted for 1.5 months and involved 60 men without any health problems has proven this.

    The study implied the intake of 600 mg of plant extract daily.

    The supplementation led to the normalization of testosterone and prolactin in men.

    The other study during which the well-trained male participants without any diseases took 500 mg of plant extract daily during the whole study period has also shown the improvement of testosterone levels.

    This happens due to the extract ability to suppress the enzymes which destroy testosterone.


    Black pepper is a source of Bioperine. In fact, Bioperine doesn’t belong to the ingredients which enhance testosterone synthesis.

    But when searching for a worthy testosterone booster, don’t forget to check whether this ingredient is included to the supplement.

    This ingredient is crucial because it enhances the efficacy of the other ingredients which really activate testosterone secretion.

    Bioperine acts by improving the absorption of boron, vitamin D3, Fenugreek, etc. It means that you will get much better supplementation results.

    Why Testosterone Is Important

    Testosterone is a naturally occuring steroid hormone present in our system. The leydig cells are responsible of producing these hormones in male (and animal) testes, however, it is also produced by female ovaries, but in a smaller amount.

    Women have so little testosterone-declines-by-agetestosterone that it will not make them masculine, although this is the hormone that is responsible for creating sex drive in both men and women and also the hormone that balances our moods.

    Testosterone as an androgen is important for our sex drive and our moods, but it has a greater effect on men. It makes hair grow in the groin, chest, beard and armpits. The fact that men have a deeper voice comes from testosterone and it also controls the Male sexual organs, how they develop and function, it also dictates how fats are distributed.

    Since the hormone is of anabolic nature, it promotes muscle growth and determines how strong and muscular men are. Treatments involving actual human testosterone is illegal in many countries.

    The “systemic anabolic effect“ in testosterone regulates and controls the balance of fluid in our system, it retrains important electrolytes like choride, potassium and sodium.

    Calcium retention is also influenced by testosterone and it guards us against osteoporosis and other skin issues as it makes it more vascular and less fatty.

    How testosterone is produced depends a lot on age. The peak comes around puberty, when it helps to develop all the muscle mass and sexual organs. As we get older, our natural testosterone levels will gradually reduce and this can potentially cause us to lose our sex drive, and also reduce our strength and muscle mass.

    Athletes and bodybuilders regularly use specially developed supplements that help their bodies to produce increased testosterone.

    If that is combined with regular exercise and workouts, energy levels and sex drive will increase and men will see a huge increase in their strength and muscle mass as well.

    To get all the benefits that higher testosterone levels bring you don’t need to be an athlete or a bodybuilder, if you take a testosterone booster, you will see the same effects:

    • More Energy
    • Improved Sleep and Better Moods
    • Toned Body and Increased Muscle Mass And Strength
    • Increased Sex Drive

    On this website you will find reviews on some of the more used testosterone boosters that can be found on the market, we hope you will find these recommendations and reviews helpful.


    What Are Testosterone Boosters?

    Testosterone boosters are the products which don’t belong to the medications. The boosters are the completely natural pills which are not aimed at the supply of already existing testosterone to the man’s body.

    These products consist of the all-natural active ingredients which don’t replace own testosterone in the body.

    Instead, these non-artificial components encourage the body to synthesize natural testosterone.

    The testosterone-enhancing supplements don’t get roughly involved in the work of endocrine system. That’s why the endocrine function in men remains undisturbed and uninterrupted. And at the same time, the levels of own testosterone gradually increase.

    And the testosterone balance in the body improves without the testosterone injections and intake of anabolic steroids.

    So, the advanced testosterone boosters can successfully substitute the hormone replacement therapy and anabolic steroids in a safe and legal way.

    Who Can Use Testosterone Boosters

    Testosterone boosters are the natural supplements which feature a very high level of accessibility. First of all, that’s because these products are available over the counter.

    It means that everybody who wishes can purchase these supplements without any obstacles.

    The doctor shouldn’t prescribe these natural products in order you could buy them.

    The supplements which naturally stimulate testosterone synthesis are suitable for all adult men who are at least in their 20s.

    But these products will bring you the best gains if you are in your 30s or even older.

    That’s because at this age your testosterone starts naturally dropping. And the supplementation with the forward-looking testosterone boosters will enable you to slow down this process and normalize hormone status.

    Also, the hormone-enhancing remedies are a great option for the athletes and bodybuilders, especially the aging ones, who need an additional portion of the key male hormone.

    The sportsmen use the hormone-enhancing products to give a boost to their athletic performance, develop muscle mass, and increase muscle strength.

    testosterone booster supplements

    Testosterone Levels and Obesity

    There is a very wide range of reasons for which testosterone may decline in men. But among those reasons, obesity is far not at the last place.

    Even more, the latest study results demonstrated that obesity may belong to the manifestations of hypogonadism which is in fact a testosterone deficiency. From the clinical guidelines, it follows that the obese men with metabolic syndrome and/or type 2 diabetes should be vigilant about their testosterone status.

    However, here these men may face the other problem. The mentioned men typically treat their diseases, using the medical assistance of cardiologists, diabetologists, and actually ordinary physicians. But the matter is that these doctors don’t normally deal with testosterone deficiency.

    And for these doctors, it’s difficult to diagnose any issues related the lack of testosterone and hence recommend any testosterone boosters or other hormone level correction methods. For this reason, it’s advisable to seek for the endocrinologist’s consultation.

    These medical specialists have all necessary knowledge in order to indicate any impairment of testosterone production in the man’s body. Also, these professionals have the most relevant information about the best testosterone boosters, as well as about the medications for hormone deprivation treatment.


    How to Cure Obesity-Induced Testosterone Deficiency

    prescription testosterone pillsIf you suffer from low testosterone and the levels of this hormone fall far below the normal range because of obesity, the medical experts advise the following curing measures:

    • Development of Weight-Loss Strategy
      In this case, the cause of insufficient testosterone is a very high amount of excessive weight.

      If Body Mass Index and waist circumference go into overdrive, they clearly demonstrate the problem of obesity. To overcome hypogonadism which developed because of obesity, it’s first of all obligatorily to takes some urgent weight-loss steps.

      The reduction of body weight will lead to the increase in testosterone concentration.

    • Hormone Replacement Therapy
      This is one of the most frequently used methods to make testosterone levels upsurge in the men suffering from obesity. The replacement therapy is a strong treatment technique which is an exceptionally prescription option.

      It implies the administration of synthetic testosterone under the supervision of healthcare providers.

    • Natural Hormone-Enhancing Products
      Among the other options which the obese men use to improve testosterone status, the top-notch testosterone boosters take a worthy place. Not all men want to pose their health to risk of using artificial testosterone.

      That’s because the hormone replacement therapy is fraught with numerous undesirable adverse reactions which may be even dangerous. But the all-natural testosterone boosters from the well-reputed manufacturers contain exceptionally non-synthetic ingredients of the highest quality. These natural products are absolutely harmless.

      They can safely help the obese men cope with low testosterone in a natural way.


    Is It Necessary to Go to the Doctor?

    The testosterone boosters of natural origin don’t require the prescription. Since they consist of the natural components only, they simply can’t negatively affect your health.

    However, before you take any remedies, even the non-prescription ones, it’ recommended to undergo a medical exam. That’s because the hormone balance is an extremely serious issue.

    And there may be too many reasons which can explain the impairment of testosterone status.

    Some of these reasons may be quite terrifying. The matter is that hypogonadism may become a symptom of many medical conditions which can put your health and even life into jeopardy without an adequate treatment in the medical settings.
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